Books and tablets

I was planning a trip to a bookstore to purchase some new technology books. Instead I came to a cafe with laptop and read about teaching with technology.
I realized that one reason I wanted some new technology books is to fill a shelf above my newly established computer workstation at home. Books just for looks.
Another reason was for tax purposes. Instead of books I should be spending the money on a new, extremely large (in capacity, not physical size) external hard drive. I wish I could find one that looks like a technology book.

Another item I’m looking to purchase soon is a graphics tablet. I haven’t thought about them in a long time, and they are apparently becoming much cheaper. I saw one the other day for less than a couple hundred dollars. I do a lot of diagramming and drawing on scratch paper and usually refine the drawings before scanning them. If I could get used to a graphics tablet I could remove several steps from my work-flow, plus I think it’d be fun.

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