the future of the web – update

Adaptive Path has released all four concept video’s for Aurora, here’s a link to the blog (including all four videos): Aurora

In the last video they bring up the concept of data ownership, which I find interesting. They mention sharing a daughter’s “feed” – a web history profile which could be theoretically used to generate recommended items from Amazon. I paused the video and looked really closely at what information Amazon theoretically wanted in order to make recommendations: “Composite semantic history, basic demographics, shipping addresses and social network.”
(It also mentioned that this information will expire in 24hrs)

I don’t sense anything sinister in this type of information (unless you’ve been up to some sinister stuff online), but I wonder how online recommendations will affect our choice-making and taste.

“I’ve registered with this or that company, so you can just buy me whatever is on my list.”

Shopping for birthdays and holidays would be much simpler, but I wonder about the meaning of the gift-giving in this sense.

Doesn’t the gift-giving become stripped of personality, similar to giving cash instead of something thoughtful? I’m just typing out loud here. I’d love to here your thoughts on this.

Here’s a link to the complete video (on Vimeo), without commentary.

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