Infinite Online File Storage?!

I just came across MyBloop, which boasts of free infinite online file storage.
From their FAQ:

The current maximum size per file is 1GB. There are no limited to the number of files you can upload. There are also no limits on bandwidth.

um, wow. So I naturally wonder how long they will be in business, and how long I can anticipate using the service for free. Here’s more from their FAQ:

Your files will never be deleted or lost. You can definitely store your vital files on MyBloop. We strive for excellence in file storage and we have built very powerful technology to ensure our user’s files are always available. However, if you decide to store important files on MyBloop you should also keep backups elsewhere. If it’s really something important, you don’t want just one copy — make duplicates and keep a personal copy of it!

hmm, OK now that’s a tall order to fulfill. It’s interesting that they assure you that you files will “never” be deleted or lost, but also recommend that you backup important files elsewhere.

Still, “infinite storage” is pretty attractive & I’ll be testing this service soon. They even mention the possibility of uploading your entire hard drive! They do have certain file restrictions for security reasons, but they’re understandable, and you can’t download other user’s music for piracy reasons which I think is pretty good, unless the other user is the creator of the music and wants to freely distribute it. I suppose in that case there are other services available.

If anyone has experience with MyBloop please send some comments.

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