One Baby Step Towards Less Distraction

For years I’ve had my e-mail inbox check for new mail and notify me of any every 15 minutes. If there was new e-mail it would chime in and let me know and I, like one of Pavlov’s dogs, would race over to the computer to check and see if it were important. In the years of doing this I think at most two messages were time sensitive. Yesterday I changed the frequency of checking from every 15 minutes to every hour. I can only assume I’ll be saving time and mental energy, and if all goes well I may set it to check every two hours, or perhaps four. I can always force it to check by refreshing my inbox (if I’m waiting to open a message within the same minute that it arrives – but I’m not sure when that would be the case). If you’ve taken any baby steps toward less distraction let us know!

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