Home computer storage & backup (Terabyte!)

I’m finally an owner of a 1 terabyte external hard drive. I bought a LaCie Hard Disk, Design by Neil Poulton, Hi-Speed USB 2.0, 1TB
I initially loaded it with all of my documents and files from work (not more than 8GB). These will reside in a “work” folder as opposed to “home” – inside the “work” folder I’ll generate other folders by client. Last night I set up Time Machine. For someone who deals with digital preservation almost daily I find it somewhat odd that I’ve neglected routine backups of my home computer for so long. 
Last year I set up two separate user accounts on my Macbook Pro, thinking I could easily switch between Home ans Work related business. Today I’m f the opinion that everything would run more smoothly if I reunited these two accounts. Certain files were only accessible from one account or the other, and there may be some redundancies between the two accounts, so today I’m migrating files from the Work account into a shared folder to eventually be moved into the primary account (or what was Home). After that I’ll delete the Work account.

After all the files were moved I tried deleting the account, from System Preferences –> Accounts, but the work account was grayed out and wouldn’t allow me to do anything to it. I revoked the Administrator rights for the account and tried again. After awhile of searching online, looking under the hood, etc. I realized that I was still logged in to the work account. After logging out and returning to the primary account it finally allowed me to delete it. 
When deleting an account there are a few options…

I chose to save the home folder for the time being as it seems the safest. What really gives me piece of mind when deleting the entire user account is that Time Machine had already created a complete version of my system backed up onto my new external hard drive.
In the near future I’ll be deleting anything that’s not essential and moving things that are rarely used to the external drive. Minimal Mac is an amazing source of inspiration, tricks and tips – check it out, I highly recommend it.

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