First week with my HTC Incredible

So my old cell phone finally gave up.
I had been looking into the Droid phones and realized I really really wanted an HTC Incredible, but wasn’t ready to purchase a new phone until my old phone finally decided it was done dealing with me. I picked up my new phone about a week ago and have enjoyed figuring it out ever since.
In the beginning I was more concerend with personalizing it, which I found to be pretty easy. I like how you’re able to change “scenes” and that it comes with several pre-set “scenes”to try out. I had been saving the currently modified scene with the same name as the previous (unmodified) scene’s name – therefore replacing the scene – but this became tedious, so I started letting the phone name the custom scenes as it does: custom1, custom2, custom3, etc. but then I realized I was going to overwhelm myself with scenes I didn’t want to keep. A little searching and I found you can rename and delete scenes from your phone.

How to delete scenes on an HTC Incredible:
From Home press the Menu button and select Settings, from there go to Personalize and select Scenes – in the list of scenes you hold down the scene you want to rename or delete and rename or delete it.

The second bit of customization I tackled was to come up with logical screen order. You see the phone comes with seven virtual screens that you can slide back and forth through, each screen can hold different programs and widgets. At first I haphazardly added programs and widgets to whatever screen I happened to be on, except the home screen (in the center) which I figured shoudl contain the most useful or commonly accessed widgets and programs. Later I decided to take my thoughts about the screen layouts to pen and paper – drawing out several drafts of what would make sense. Eventually I had a common thread for each of the screens mapped out with the most commonly used screens to either side of the home screen and the lesser used apps & widgets off to the farthest left & right screens.
I will only mention apps briefly, in that I’m really happy I waited to explore applications until after I had set up the scenes and screens in an order that made sense to me. This way if I download an app and think it would be useful it would already fit into one of the screens.
The other thing I will mention about apps is that for the most part you have to download/install an app on your phone to see if you like it or not. Inevitably I ended up installing several apps that weren’t what I was hoping for and they sat idle in my phone until I found out how to delete unwanted apps.

How to delete apps on an HTC Incredible:
From Home press the Menu button and select Settings, from there go to Applications and select Manage Applications – in the list of applications hold down the application you want delete, there should be an option to “uninstall” the application.

I’ve heard there are other ways to delete applications, but this has worked for me so far -also it won’t let you uninstall important system apps (or so it seems, don’t take my word for it).

  Got any tips or tricks? Share them in the comments.

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