Unclutter your desktop

While working on some screencasting I realized that I should hide some files on my desktop,
so as to not distract from the screencast itself. I love shoving odds and ends into a new folder on the desktop named something along the lines of “Misc” – works as a temporary fix, but it’s hard to locate items later, especially if you have several “Odds & ends” folders.
This morning I came across an awesome little freeware app called Camouflage,
which basically hides all your desktop icons, you can choose to show or hide icons from your menu bar.

Here’s an image of my desktop with the icons shown (file names have been blurred to protect the innocent):

and one with icons hidden:

Isn’t that nice?

Even though you can double click on the desktop to show your desktop items, I found that if you create a stack of desktop items in your dock it’s easier to find/open hidden items.

You can find Camouflage here.

2 thoughts on “Unclutter your desktop

  1. This is the first day I've used it, and I will say it seemed to cut down on distraction, also once the computer desktop was so clean and minimal I decided to clean my desk up. So, probably 🙂


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