CAA in LA, 2012: Call for proposals


The  College Art Association’s 2012 Annual Conference
will be held in Los Angeles Wednesday, February 22 – Saturday, February 25.

Proposals are now being accepted for the Visual Resource Association’s affiliated society session:

Paint, Prints & Pixels:  Learning from the History of Teaching with Images.
Arts pedagogy has been profoundly influenced by visual copies and the changing technologies that allowed for their creation. The evolutionary changes have been relatively few considering the expanse of time–drawing, painting, plaster casts, graphic prints, photographs, lantern & 35mm slides, digital images, 3D-computer modeling, and virtual reality. A better understanding of the social, historical, legal, economic, and cultural factors underlying the production and dissemination of visual copies over the last hundred years shed interesting light on present practice and future possibilities. This session will explore these historic and current imaging paradigm shifts to inform 21st century classroom teaching. Practitioners (artists, art historians, art educators, museum curators) and information professionals (archivists, librarians, museum staff, visual resources curators) are invited to share their historical research, pedagogical theories, and practical experience creating and using images for teaching. These might include: 1) paint = direct image making processes, 2) prints = a variety of media with a matrix from which multiple copies can be produced, and 3) pixels = digital technology in general. Among the questions to be explored are: How have visual copies and their educational uses changed over time? Who have the key players been and/or notable collaborations? What lessons can be learned from past image technology transitions and how might they inform the digital realm? What are the implications of using images in the classroom that are many iterations away from the physical object (pixels of prints of paintings)? What new technologies and pedagogical practices enhance the ability to read, interpret, or otherwise negotiate imagery? How can we best nurture the new range of necessary skills in students–higher-level critical thinking, problem-based inquiry, and visual literacy?

Please feel free to forward this to any educators, technologists, historians, studio artists or others you think might be interested in sharing their knowledge.

Interested parties please contact John Trendler, VRA/SC Chair at john.trendler [at] no later than noon (PST) June 10th.
In your e-mail please include your name, institutional affiliation and a brief description of your talk.
Complete abstracts will not be due until late July.
We look forward to hearing from you & creating an amazing session at CAA!

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