new smartphone

My old HTC Incredible had been acting up for the past few months and so I finally broke down and upgraded to a new Droid DNA. It is pretty amazing. Without going into all the technical specs I will just mention that the screen is beautiful: 5 inch with a 440 pixel per inch resolution – it’s rather large but also slim and sleek. It’s also incredibly powerful and fast with its 1.5 GHz Quad-Core S4 processor. It has both front facing (2.1 MP) and main (8 MP) cameras with a lot of filter, editing and scene selection options (burst mode shoots 4 pictures per second). It’s taken me a few days to personalize it and install the apps that I have come to rely on, a partial list:
Google Drive
(sign up for Dropbox here and I’ll get more storage)
Google Goggles
Handcent SMS
Google Play Music

A recent discovery is Dragon Mobile Assistant, which seems quite promising, described on their site as:

The new Dragon Mobile Assistant builds on top of the popular Dragon Go! directed search experience, adding a totally new, conversational design and the most popular personal assistant features. Dragon allows you to speak naturally to access a wide range of content, and makes it easier to do your everyday tasks on your phone.  Use your voice to text, make a call, create an appointment, search for local businesses or information, find directions, and update your social networks – all in a completely hands free, intuitive way. Dragon gives you the freedom to do more, in more places, than ever before.

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