Goodbye Google+

In case you didn’t hear, Google is shutting down Google+ 
I decided I’d delete my Google+ profile, but first I’d look back at the past years of whatever it was I posted over there. I started going through all my posts, but quickly realized most were cross-posts from this blog, and an occasional funny link which I decided I didn’t need to hang onto. Seems like there were some photos that I only posted there which I’d like to keep.
Then I tried Google’s Takeout to download an archive of Google+ stuff: Google+ +1’s on websites, Google+ Circles and Google+ Stream.
Within Google+ Stream there’s a folder of Photos (photos of you, photos from posts, etc.)
After I did that & deleted my Google+ profile I realized the images from posts were already kept online in the Google Album Archive so you might not even need to download your photos.

You can delete your Google+ profile any time by going to, signing in, and following the instructions on that page. If you see an upgrade page, you don’t have a Google+ profile.

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