ramping up / ready to consult

I’m getting ready to go back to work next week, from home. This is exciting since I’ve been recovering, at home, from a bicycle crash for the past six weeks. Since I’ve been on medical leave I haven’t had access to my work email. Imagine your inbox after six weeks of not checking it, and then having a worldwide pandemic. In the mean time I’ve gone through most of my other email accounts and archived most email, since very little of it is relevant now.

Getting home-office set up and worked out. Extension cords, dual monitor, lighting, files and folders. Yesterday I was able to go into the office and grab whatever supplies and materials I thought would help me work from home. The only things that might come in handy are a couple hard-drives.

Looking forward to helping people navigate this shift. If you want to video chat, email, or just check in please send me a message. Hope you’re safe and doing well,

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