Revoking app permissions (Twitter)

A little light digital cleaning today before I do some laundry. I wanted to clear some application permissions from Twitter and don’t remember the last time I thought of that. It’s not the easiest place to locate, but it’s also not that difficult. If you’re interested: from the “More” button (below Home, Explore, Notifications, etc.) Settings and Support –> Settings and Privacy –> Security and Account Access –> Apps and Sessions –> Connected Apps. From there click any app that you want to revoke permissions from and Revoke app permissions. (or, if you’re logged in try clicking here) voilà!

What’s interesting is I found a long list of apps that I hadn’t used in years. I logged back into one or two but for most, I just bookmarked them before revoking the permission so that I can remember to investigate them further and either delete the account or utilize them again.

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