Yesterday was #AskAnArchivist day

Yesterday, on Twitter, I asked "AskAnArchivist (any archivist): what's your least favorite (but important) task?" Here are some of the responses: The Poly ArchivesScanning - definitely scanning. 1) handling delicate materials 2) takes forever for hi-res 3) makes lots of noise But, access is important! GC Spec CollectionsMetadata, sorry. #AskAnArchivist Schenectady Hist SocEntering metadata-it can … Continue reading Yesterday was #AskAnArchivist day

Happy Electronic Records Day

10 reasons why electronic records need special attention In recognition of Electronic Records Day 2016, here is a list of reasons why everyone should be thinking more about electronic records. 1. Managing electronic records is like caring for a perpetual toddler: they need regular attention and care in order to remain accessible. 2. Electronic records … Continue reading Happy Electronic Records Day