More on DNA as the future of digital preservation

back in 2015 I mentioned an article touting the possibility of storing data in DNA – the concept continues to march forward. The previous article from 2015 said that “DNA can store over 300,000 terabytes, in only a fraction of an ounce of DNA.”

Think about that. That’s a lot of data. Not only that but DNA is said to be able to preserve data for a couple thousand years, compare that to how long you’d imagine our floppy discs dvds hard drives will last.

Obviously if we’re thinking that long term the data format is crucial. Although I’d assume we could read old data through some form of emulators.

Researchers from Microsoft and the University of Washington have demonstrated the first fully automated system to store and retrieve data in manufactured DNA — a key step in moving the technology out of the research lab and into commercial datacenters.
In a simple proof-of-concept test, the team successfully encoded the word “hello” in snippets of fabricated DNA and converted it back to digital data using a fully automated end-to-end system, which is described in a new paper published March 21 in Nature Scientific Reports.

read about it here:


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