New Phone

I now have a new phone. Its not that my old phone died, or was lost or any other reason that usually makes me go get a new phone – I got a letter in the mail stating I was due for a free phone. One of the perks if you stay with certain carriers long enough. At the store they said the phone which would’ve been free was discontinued and/or that they couldn’t get me one of those, but they did have the newer, sleeker version. This was probably the first time I didn’t look at all the various phones, their specifications, size and design for an hour before choosing one. I took the sales-persons advice and got the LG enV2. I do like it and am surprised at all the features (bells and whistles) phones come with. The last phone I bought was a quick replacement for a phone I lost, about two years ago. I’m still playing with the settings and figuring out the extra options.

One option is to have the phone say who is calling before you hear the ringtone. Seems very cool but the volumes are set differently, perhaps I just need to adjust one or the other. I’ll admit, I like having different ringtones for different people and have even purchased them online and via the phone before but recently have turned to an online service called Myxer, that lets you create your own ringtones from your own music or browse their existing catalogs, most of which is free. A message gets sent directly to your phone, and you save the sound as a ringtone. Yesterday I found out that the tone they send you is copyright protected, therefor you can’t forward it to someone else. In this post I’ve only referred to “phones” not “cell phones” – one day a phone will mean “mobile phone” and “land line” will refer to the non-mobile phones, at least that’s what I’m seeing slowly happen. Its the same with “camera” and “photography” – they are slowly coming to mean (digital) camera & (digital) photography. Language is a living thing.

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