productivity conversation

This morning I chatted briefly with a colleague about how podcasts have helped me in a variety of ways. She mentioned attending a time-management seminar and taking away the concept of putting aside fifteen minutes every day to go through your planner. She said she does take time to go through her lists, but it’s more like once a week. I told her I had a planner, that was my big first step. I do go through it daily if it’s a busy week, but not if everything is under control. I’m assuming if I did take time everyday to plan and update plans I would probably be more productive everyday.


I just now set my morning alarms (which are cell-phone alarms) 15 minutes earlier. I’ll see if I actually get up earlier tomorrow and look at my planner. What really struck me about the little conversation I had is that anyone could have a really great trick or tip that I’ve never heard of or read about, and the more information we share the more information we get back, it seems.

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