RSI Prevention with Poster Putty?

I have quite a few pictures up around the office, mostly cut out of art magazines and stuck to the walls with poster putty. Recently I decided to change things up and have been taking down certain images little by little. I have a small ball of poster putty now that I use to pick the stuff off the walls with, each time it gets a little larger. This growing poster putty ball usually sits on my desk waiting to be used, and lately I find myself cleaning it as one would a kneaded eraser – basically pulling it apart, balling it up, stretching it, etc. When reading a long article I find myself kneading the putty ball almost subconsciously. Today I realized that the activity is keeping my hand muscles agile and worked out, ever so slightly.

Over at Instructables someone detailed how to use an old kneaded eraser as poster putty. Now you might not need to follow all the steps if you’re familiar with kneaded erasers and poster putty but in their Step 4: Go Nuts! they show several things stuck to the wall: a thumb drive, a quarter, some batteries and a usb cable. I really like the idea of sticking objects to the wall. in fact I used to stick a key that opened a cabinet in my office to the front of my computer with some poster putty. Now I’m trying to find things that would be better to stick on the wall instead of throw in a desk drawer.

Have you found any creative uses for poster putty or come up with any exercises or tricks to reduce the possibility of repetitive strain injury? Let’s hear about them!

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