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VRA/SC Mission

The Southern California Chapter of the Visual Resources Association (VRA) was formed in 1995 to provide a regional network of image media professionals and extend the western reach of the national organization. From San Luis Obispo to San Diego, like-minded curators gather twice a year at rotating venues of particular interest to share ideas and information. Whether working with slides, photographs, film, or their digital counterparts in academic, archival, commercial, library, or museum institutions, professionals and students handling or interested in such archival materials are welcome to join in on local activities and meetings. Collection visits, demonstrations of advanced technologies, lectures, meetings, roundtables, and tours open up Southern California’s cultural treasures and promote the spirit of collaboration.

The VRA is the only professional organization devoted exclusively to visual materials including their history, classification, production, use, and conservation. VRA/SC connects the local and the national organizations and communicates current information on committee work, research, publications, and conference activities allowing image resource managers to get acquainted and to explore professional horizons.


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