Freelance timesheets in the cloud

So I began using Android Time Card on my phone, and Dropbox,
so far it’s a simple and efficient way of tracking hours.

Android Time Card allows you to track and save time worked and send the data (as a .csv file) to a variety of places, i.e. you can e-mail it to yourself (or your employer) or share it in a variety of ways.

I’ve found that with Dropbox installed you can send the .csv file to your Dropbox – works great if you have a “timesheets” folder.

What’s nice is that by exporting it to Dropbox you have access to it on any device that has Dropbox synced (i.e. my work computer, my laptop, my phone, etc.).

Parliament Clock photo by Flickr user Aldaron

One thought on “Freelance timesheets in the cloud

  1. Timesheet is indispensable irrespective of the size of the organization. And you have make us aware about Freelance timesheets in the cloud…so thanx for sharing this with us and making us aware about it.


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