Daily UI

As the Adobe XD Daily Challenge was winding down a friend mentioned the Daily UI Challenge. So, I signed up. There are 100 daily design challenges and you upload your work to Twitter or Dribble. Since I’ve been considering Dribble for a few days this was the push it took to sign up (which was easy).

I’ve only completed the first four challenges and was running behind. Luckily there are no daily challenges on the weekends, which allows a little time to catch up. Completing a challenge each day requires me to let go of perfection. Until I really feel comfortable with the tools I’m not even interested in putting anything too creative together – still developing the muscle memory and eventually when it becomes second nature I think I’ll be able to relax a bit and really experiment.

You can find my Daily UI challenges on my Dribble page: https://dribbble.com/johntrendler

Let me know if have, or are, participating in any UI challenges & feel free to connect with me in Discord as well: johntrendler#2480

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