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I’ve completed the first week of the #DailyUI challenge and have learned so much. You can follow along over at Dribble if you’re so inclined.

Day 006’s challenge was to create a User Profile. I decided to use my cycling as inspiration and come up with a profile for a cyclist’s racing info. USA Cycling has a mobile app that leaves plenty to be desired, and I use Road Results to check info too but they don’t have a mobile experience. So I worked on an updated user interface.

After posting it to a design Discord server I got some feedback that I should use a more current iPhone for the mockup. I’ve been on Android for years and have no clue what the newest iPhone is, and so when I grabbed an iPhone mockup online I didn’t even think to check what version it was. Live and learn. In my rush to complete challenges I didn’t consider doing much research, but now I know better. I may take a bit longer on each piece in the future, or hopefully everything will become quicker and easier, leaving me more time for the creative parts, which I still don’t feel like I have time for (yet). Stay tuned, more to come.

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