Jumped from Blogger to WordPress

Truth be told I hadn’t been putting much work on Blogger lately, a few posts per year. Then recently I was inspired to check back into LinkedIn, seek out new connections, and post occasionally which lead me back to my blog. It had been around the block. Old posts talked about great new websites that are now long gone. How would I reinvigorate the site? It wasn’t getting much traffic, and why should it? I hardly posted there and just left it sitting in a corner most of the time.

So I finally moved the content over to WordPress and shook things up a bit. I’m still working on the appearance and overall page structure, but overall I’m much happier now. If you’re interested in moving from Blogger to WordPress here’s a pretty good tutorial

The 2019’s Guide to Moving a Blog From Blogger to WordPress (Resolved)

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I look forward to sharing more insights, articles and ideas soon. Say hello in the comments and feel free to follow along if you aren’t already.

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